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Consultant / Coach / Speaker / Author

Entrepreneurs and CEOs come to me to “Alpha Up” and stand out. Are you in?
Author of "Less Is The New More"

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Is This You?

  • You want to make a greater impact but don't know how?

  • You have a dream you want to chase, but you feel stuck where you are?

  • You have so many ideas and projects but you never seem to finish them?

  • You want to wake up every day feeling passionate about your mission in life?

You're Not Alone
So many people deal with these challenges and doubts, even people who appear highly successful. The good news is you no longer have to figure this out by yourself. We help entrepreneurs and motivated people like you get unstuck and level up to a focused vision of real impact--one that is aligned with YOUR true primal self and who YOU are truly meant to be!

Curious what that might look like? Contact me to schedule a powerful, completely free gameplan call.

Who am I and why do you care?

Hi, I'm Chris Lee, entrepreneur consultant/coach, speaker, and author of the award-winning book "Less Is The New More".

I spent much of my life launching and transforming technology and teams in the corporate and startup world. For some time now though, I've also been focused on transforming amazing entrepreneurs and their businesses, through my consulting, coaching, and speaking.

In addition to my decades of experience in the corporate management and startup world, I have had the pleasure of studying motivational and mindset coaching under some amazing mentors and thought leaders.

All of which means: I bring this breadth AND depth of experience to get you leveled up quickly and help you push past your challenges.

So why not act now to see what your next level can look like? Private message me and let's have a gameplan call on your current goals and challenges.


I would love to talk more how I can help you or your business reach the next level. Message below to set up a free gameplan call.

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Have you had enough yet? Are you a knowledge expert tired of working to make someone else rich?

Become CEO Of Your Own Business, Without Giving Up Your Current Income, Even If You Have Zero Free Time!

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Would you like to finally:
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I know what you're thinking:
How are you supposed to launch your own business if you are slaving away at a day job while also taking care of your family?

Is it actually possible to become a badass CEO of your own business without risking your current income?!

I bet you’ve tried watching some webinars, taking some courses, or engaging on social media.. And nothing has quite worked for you, right?

How do you find the TIME and ENERGY to do ALL the business training and planning … if you're working full time to make someone else rich and successful?

Why is it so nerve-racking to take the leap and put yourself before others for a change?

Is the constant battle to try and launch your own business really worth it?

Can you really be your own badass CEO without risking your current income and security?

🤔 And when should you change careers?

🤔 Should you even spend months and months doing the long, boring work and planning?

🤔 Are you following “experts” all over social media?

🤔 What about all the exhausting content posting and networking?


If any (or all) of the above questions run through your head… day after day… I might be able to help.

Hey, it's Chris Lee here… 👋

And, while I don't claim to know it all, I HAVE helped many of my clients who were just like you become their own boss by following a step-by-step action plan.

And yet…

Not that long ago, I was in your shoes. Those early days were rough.

I'd take a step forward only to take three more back. I was drowning in the stress of my day job and family obligations.

So, if that's kinda how you feel right now...

Let me give you a road map, so that you stop hitting dead ends or getting lost on back roads, and instead take the fast lane to become YOUR own badass CEO that you can be proud of!

Let me show you that you can Release Your Inner CEO! 💪

Here is what's going to happen:

I’ve had a TON of knowledge experts who want to be their own boss reach out to me asking for my help.

So I had this crazy idea to build a step-by-step plan to guide you, from working to make someone else successful, to being your own CEO in 6 weeks.

No fluff. No messing around, just a simple plan to take you from slaving away and watching others pass you by to becoming a badass CEO of your own business.

If you are interested in claiming one of the spots available, then read on because..

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN: Release Your Inner CEO 6 Week Program!

I am looking for a few good candidates who are sick of working to make someone else rich and successful and are ready to take back control.

On April 18 these founding members will start working closely with me to become CEO of their own businesses without giving up their current income or family obligations. I will not let you fail.

Does that sound exciting to you?

Would you LOVE to stop slaving away to make someone else rich while others pass you by? And start taking the right steps towards FINALLY achieving being CEO of your own business?

Those Founding Members will get the “CEO Kickstarter Blueprint”, which is a unique system to take you step-by-step from envisioning through getting your own CEO business off the ground.

The blueprint is:

Week1: Mission Makeover. To get you crystal clear on your CEO mission
Week2: Magic Time Wand. How to find time to launch WITHOUT working more hours
Week3: MVP Scavenger Hunt. To find only the most important items for your customers
Week4: Build-A-Biz. To set up your business in the fastest way
Week5: Imposter to CEO. To embrace a legit alpha mindset now
Week6: Boss Freedom Plan. Map out a plan to go all-in-on your own timeline

I am also throwing in these bonuses:

Bonus #1: Weekly group Q&A calls. Because you need answers, not just motivation
Bonus #2: Done For You Execution checklists, so you don’t waste time figuring it out yourself
Bonus #3: A private accountability group, that won’t let you give up on yourself
Bonus #4: A mobile app, to make it dead simple to complete your weekly missions
Bonus #5: Discounted Monthly Coaching, including access to new content and to the exclusive community to keep you inspired!

The best part is, you will get all of this for a huge discount!

When I do the full public launch, I’m going to charge $1997 for the full group program. Even at that price it will still be a great value.

But, as a founding member it won't cost you anywhere near that!

Your investment will only be $397.

So, you have 2 choices now:

1. Are you ready to finally Release Your Inner CEO? Awesome! Click the "I'M READY" button below to secure your spot now!

2. Do you still have some questions? No worries--click the "SCHEDULE A CALL" button and we'll talk through everything!

-Chris Lee

PS: You may be thinking… What’s the catch? Well, there is no catch. I’m simply looking to test out my new program and get some killer testimonials before releasing it to the wider public at the price it deserves.