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I'm Chris Lee. I help leaders and teams get a 5 day work week done in 4 days.What you do with the 5th day is your choice. But The 4 day workweek is coming. Want to see how ready you are? Click below to take the easy and free assessment:

What I do

Supercharge Productivity

My productivity principles were honed and proven by decades of experience leading high performance teams.My performance blueprint allows teams to get 5 days of work done in 4 days.

1on1 Coaching

Sometimes there is no replacement for the personalized touch. I go with you on your journey, to provide guidance and accountability every step of the way, and get you unstuck and leveled up to your full potential and world-changing mission.

Speaker and Author

Author of the award winning book "Less Is The New More". I speak to groups to truly show them how to get more done, with less work, and get back their work-life balance.

Online Training

Helping budding entrepreneurs with my Release Your Inner CEO online course.

Who am I and why do you care?

Hi, I'm Chris Lee, productivity consultant/coach, speaker, and author of the award-winning book "Less Is The New More".I spent much of my life launching and transforming technology and teams in the corporate and startup world. For some time now though, I've also been focused on transforming amazing entrepreneurs and their businesses, through my consulting, coaching, and speaking.In addition to my decades of experience in the corporate management and startup world, I have had the pleasure of studying motivational and mindset coaching under some amazing mentors and thought leaders.All of which means: I bring this breadth AND depth of experience to get you leveled up quickly and help you push past your challenges.So why not act now to see what your next level can look like? Private message me and let's have a gameplan call on your current goals and challenges.


I would love to talk more how I can help you or your team level up your productivity, and design YOUR OWN 4 Day Week!DM me on LinkedIn. or one of the the other channels below, and we'll set up a free gameplan call.

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