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Changing My Artist Name! 

I wanted to share my latest news with y'all, which is: 

I am changing my artist name from "Redd Knight" to "Chris Lee". 

That's right, Redd Knight has left the building.  Mostly.  I am not abandoning my previous music, which is still available at iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby.  Nor am I changing my musical style. 

What's up with the names? 

It's not meant to be a radical change, just something I've thought about for a while and discussed with some people.  As my family and some others know, "Chris" is my given first name and "Lee" is my middle name.  So I wanted to do this to be a little more authentic but also have a name that is still easy and workable. 

How I started using the name Redd Knight is kind of a long story.  But I was a redhead growing up so I was commonly called Red. The other huge factor was that my given last name is something that no-one ever, ever gets right in the history of my life.  And maybe my ancestors.  My family can back me up on that.   

Old troubadour? No thanks 

At the time I figured Redd Knight was a name I could use even when I turned into an overweight, jovial, old, red-headed troubadour.  But things change and the name just wasn't fitting any more. My hair hasn't even been red for some time--it's blonde (ok with a little gray).  Plus I decided to stay young and in shape forever.  Yes, you can decide that.  But mostly like I said, I wanted to be a bit more authentic and match who I am.  So please bear with me as I go through this John Cougar / Mellencamp transition.  I am working on renaming my social medias: 

website: thatchrislee.com
twitter: thatchrislee
facebook page: Chris Lee

As always, thanks for your support and listening to my music! 

New CD now available for pre-order! 

My new CD "A Little More Whiskey" is now available for pre-order.  This special order will include the physical CD--with signature--and a free Redd Knight camo koozie (beverage cooler), and they will ship on or before the official release date of September 12.  To order just go to this link:


Appreciate the support!

It's Happening: New CD Release!! 

I'm extremely excited (and relieved and somewhat exhausted) to announce that my new CD "A Little More Whiskey" is finished and will be releasing in September!  Stay tuned for more details!

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